48. Sokov, L. A. Formation of secondary natural active matrix (article) // News of science and education (issn 2312-2773) Sheffield Science and Education Ltd

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48. Sokov, L.A. Formation of secondary natural active matrix (article) // News of science and education (ISSN 2312-2773) Sheffield Science and Education Ltd 2014. – NR 14 (14). P. 61-68 (128 p.) http://www.ukrnauka.ru/2014_NSE_0918/2014-09-18-NSE_14.pdf

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News of Science and Education 14 (14) 2014 - 61 –

Штрих код статьи *176770*

Sokov Lev A.

MD, free scientist, Chelyabinsk, Russia
The author in 1965-1974 and 1998-2014 years conducted experimental and theoretical studies, whose purpose was study of the general laws of physical and chemical differentiation of the primary cosmic substance. For model studies taken the solar system, which consists of plasma, non-volatile and volatile matter. The work environment schemes and methods of experiments and analysis of the materials presented in numerous articles, presentations, reports, monographs and annexed to the monograph (Соков, Л.А., 2006; Соков, Л.А., «Главная последовательность ...» text monographs in electronic form.– URL: http://levsokov.narod.ru/monografiya/; Соков, Л.А., 2012).

All found can be summarized as follows. The regularities of the (law) the differentiation of primary cosmic matter into components. Various cosmo chemical, geochemical and biological indicators of content, processes, properties, effects of chemical elements, expressed in relative units, located on the atomic number (Z), taking into account the relationship between the main and side quantum numbers n and l, are periodic in nature and due to the periodic nature of the formation electron orbits of elements in the periodic table and the ratio of the number of protons in the nuclei of atoms (even-odd). As physical, physico-chemical, chemical constants. This replication of the principle of periodicity in the background even odd nuclei of atoms. Duplication = matrixing using kvantovovolnovyh matrices. For example, in Scheme 1 shows two kvantovovolnovyh fractal – matrix. They are united by the principle of periodicity.

Scheme 1 presents the binding of chemical elements plasma proteins and organic

matter oceanic water, depending on the number of protons (Z),% of plasma levels and ocean water. The ordinate scheme 1– % binding of chemical elements plasma proteins and organic matter oceanic water. On the horizontal axis – the atomic number, the number of protons in the nuclei of atoms of chemical elements (Z). Vertical lines separated by periods of the periodic system. In rectangular figures highlighted d- and f-elements.

Scheme 1. Kvantovovolnovye matrix.
Graphically presents the binding of chemical elements plasma proteins. Here shown in Scheme 1 ↓, chemical elements IA and VIIIA subgroups representatives sand p-families in the oceanic water not connected with organic matter. Representatives d-, f- and p-families metals shown in Scheme 1 ↑, on the contrary, largely related organic matter. Interaction of chemicals with organic substances oceanic (any) water as blood plasma proteins, can be represented in the form of periodic schedules. Kvantovovolnovyh matrices. This is the fact.

 14 (14) 2014 Physics -62-

This scientific discovery, of course, defines the basic, basic mechanisms of selforganization of the living. On the basis of this theory is formulated «prebiotic primordial soup» – according to which the communication parameters of the chemical elements organic, prebiotic substances ocean water, presented with the main (n) and orbital (l) quantum numbers in sequence from left to right in order of increasing charge nucleus of an atom, are periodic in nature (Соков, Л.А., 2013A).

That is, proteinoids (and plasma proteins) when it appeared in the aquatic environment already have a tough quantum wave on the main organization of n and l quantum numbers of suborbital and recorded graphically in the form of a periodic function on Z (Scheme 1). Hence the primary digitization mononucleotides and chains mononucleotides and formation of the genome occurs at kvantovovolnovom «primary ordered soup» – matrix proteinoids (Соков, Л.А., 2012; 2012A; 2013A).

Table D.I. Mendeleev is a matrix. Matrix – an adaptation mechanism, a set of processes or a single process. Matrixing mechanisms capable of forming invariant to scale self-similar processes, facilities, structures, systems, properties, and events. First proposed to consider the Periodic Table Mendeleev as supermatrix С.А. Щукарёв in 1970 (Щукарёв, С.А., 1970, c. 10). Actually, any information table is a matrix. Possible, and to table D.I. Mendeleev apply some general principles of algebraic matrix.

Although Table D.I. Mendeleev's much more complex than any known algebraic matrix. It was originally coded all the diversity of the world around us. On planet Earth operates two natural active multimatrichnye system baryonic matters, consisting of a variety of different multi-level matrix mechanisms. Initial natural active matrix is responsible for ordering and deployment of bone matter, secondary

^ News of Science and Education 14 (14) 2014 - 63 –

natural active matrix – the raw material (Соков, Л.А., 2012, c. 375-376, 381-382). If the mechanism of formation of the primary natural active matrix known very much, then the mechanisms and the formation of secondary natural algorithm of the active matrix is known almost nothing.

The goal of the algorithm to explore the self-assembly of secondary natural active matrix of primary natural active matrix. That is, to answer the question of how the bone substance occurs living? Where is the boundary between the bone substance and alive?

In practical and theoretical cosmology, some scholars regard the universe as a global fractal system (Федосин, С.Г., 2009; Linde, A.D., 2007; Baryshev, Y., 2008,

etc.). Fractality is only possible under certain mechanisms capable of producing selfsimilar objects. Is the only mechanism capable of self-similarity to replicate. This matrix, matrixing → fractals (Соков, Л.А., 2012; 2013). Fractals, as the matrix, can be passive or active, primary and secondary, simple and complex. Some of the properties of fractals have a matrix, that is, matrices and are capable of self-reproduction.

To ensure that the space has been involved primary natural active matrix mechanism outer space should be «inhabited» a single set of information units of matter, equipped with code-up self-assembly. These data units are elementary particles (quarks, leptons and intermediate vector bosons) and collect them from the baryonic matter – isotopes of chemical elements. Isotopes of chemical elements – a cosmic electron-proton-neutron constructor (CEPNC). CEPNC has the properties of auto software and operates on the basis of stochastic (flexible) algorithms that arise when external conditions change and the evolution of its basic elements. With CEPNC matrix-construct all self-similar objects of different dimensions, consisting of baryonic matter – the chemical elements. This primary / basic / Space Designer, having ternary code and functioning technology designer LEGO. CEPNC endowed with a set of programs, methods, mechanisms – processes and materials with which occurs avtoconstruirovanie simple and complex objects. CEPNC itself is also created from the elementary particle technology designer as isotopes of chemical elements. That is at the heart of these processes is the principle of design, similar in operation to the children's designerLEGO.

Next of CEPNC (various atoms – isotopes of chemical elements) are larger structural elements – simple and complex chemical compounds. In nature, there is the principle of design. Ternary code base CEPNC and triplet genetic code of living are the basis for the construction of information (English. Constructor – builder, designer ...) Space Technology LEGO (Соков, Л.А., 2013). E.M. Galimov said: «... the atoms is energetically favorable combined into molecules, thereby reducing the overall level of the free energy of the binding energy – and the desire to reduce the level of free energy, according to thermodynamics, is the general law of evolution of matter – like this biologically beneficial association of individuals in community» (Галимов, Э.М., 2009, p. 11). Obviously, it is energetically favorable molecules associate into larger ordered structures, systems, self-regulating properties. Here are a few of space technology in parallel sequential, time-saving assembly of the living, packages mechanisms, processes and reactions.

14 (14) 2014 Physics- 64 -

Can conditionally be divided into four types (groups) mechanisms CEPNC.

^ The first type of mechanism – a variety of physico-chemical, chemical, organic reactions and processes leading to the formation of simple and complex molecules. Baryon substance – chemical elements (atoms, ions) interact with a variety of chemical bonds capable of forming a chemical species using a variety of reaction mechanisms, are capable of creating different chemical states (Бучаченко, А.Л., 2001). That is: the chemical bonds → chemical particles (molecules) → → chemical reaction mechanisms of the state. This, in general, the characteristic process of formation of chemical particles, a variety of simple and complex chemical compounds and their properties. This physico-chemical analog designer LEGO.

^ The second type of mechanism leads to the formation of super particles, super molecules, supramolecular devices ensembles. These are simple, self-replicating primary supramolecular devices and ensembles, of which in the future by partial addition there may be more complex objects (Лен, Ж.-М.,1998). This type of mechanism can lead to self-assembly of the primary self-replicating molecular machines in the future to the emergence of self-replicating biological dynamic systems.

Supramolecular chemistry can be divided into two areas: 1) super molecule; 2) supra molecular assemblies – film layer, a membrane vesicle /organelle/ mesomorphic phase, crystal, etc. Supra molecular assemblies are built spontaneously from complementary with geometric and chemical compliance fragments, like the spontaneous assembly of complex spatial structures in the living cell (Супрамолекулярная химия. – URL: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/). And this is also the designer LEGO.

^ The third type of mechanism is characterized by subtlety endosymbiotic processes. Endosymbiosis leads to self-assembly of simple living structures, more complex. Endosymbiosis – a kind of symbiosis, when one partner lives and functions within the cell of another being its integral part. Symbiosis (from the Greek. Συμ-βίωσις – cohabitation) cohabitation of individuals of two or more species. Symbiosis – this mutualism, parasitism, commensalism, predation. Between them, there are a number of transitional forms. If commensalism – a relationship of species in which one partner is benefiting, not to the detriment of another, mutualism – a symbiotic relationship where both species cohabiting recovered mutual benefit. It is this type of symbiosis is responsible for the formation of new species of living things. Many eukaryotic cell organelles were separate organisms that are more than a billion years ago, «joined» their efforts to create a new type of cell. Obviously this kind of horizontal exchange of information, information systems, structures, molecules, super molecules and supra molecular assemblies, molecular machines, factories, enzymes, hormones, including between the branches of «evolutionary tree» leads to an acceleration of the evolution of life (Полянский, Ю.И., Яндекс. Словари> БСЭ. – 1969-1978. – URL: http://slovari.yandex. ru/~книги/БСЭ/Симбиоз/; Симбиогенез. – URL: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Симбиогенеs; Маргелис, Л., 1983; Лекции по цитологии_ лекция6. –News of Science and Education

14 (14) 2014 - 65 – News of Science and Education 14 (14) 2014 - 65 -

URL: http://gendocs.ru/v3521/?cc=13; Происхождение митохондрий и хлоропластов. – URL: http://www.medbiol.ru/ medbiol / molevol / 00047fd6.htm).

Thus, mitochondria, plastids (chloroplasts, chromo lasts, leucoplasts) can be flagella, cilia and other organelles of cells – eukaryotic, prokaryotic, archaea, could arise as a result of successive multiple endosymbiotic events. With this technology, and are formed of evolutionarily improved, probably all cells and organelles, probably the cells themselves. Organelles: nucleus, nucleolus, the ribosome, vesicles, rough endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, lysosomes, hyaloplasm, peroxisome, centrosome (Везикула. – URL: http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Везикула/). Self-organization of primary organelles of the first proto-supra molecular components and subsequent multiple endosymbiotic events reduces the self-assembly of cells. And this is also the designer LEGO.

Thus, obviously the construction / avtoconstruirovanie / cell – is a complex multistep process of self-assembly of more primitive building blocks with flexible stochastic algorithms. This, including physical chemistry and supra molecular chemistry, studying complex structures, which are associations of two (or more) of chemical particles (molecules) are linked together by intermolecular forces, followed endosymbiogenesis.

In our case, nanochemistry (clusters of atoms, super molecule whose dimensions are of the order of 10-9 m): physico-chemistry, supra molecular chemistry, endosymbiotic processes – part section cytochemistry (Лен, Ж.-М., 1998; Аблесимов, Н.Е., 2009). Endosymbiosis → endosymbiogenesis, that is self-assembly. This is also a technology designer LEGO.

^ The fourth type of mechanisms, functioning in close contact and in parallel with the three listed above, leads to self-assembly and the further evolution of the genetic diversity of the planet codes. In vivo functions triplet genetic code, theoretically calculated G.A. Gamow (Гамов, Г.А. – URL: http://physics.kgsu.ru/astronomia/ NV/Gamov.htm). Genomes biota of the planet is largely (in mammals up to 75%) consist of residues of foreign genomes (Кунин, Е., 2012). Transfer of foreign fragmentsof genomes by using a variety of mechanisms of horizontal gene transfer: conjugation (targeted DNA transfer one organism to another); Transformation (uptake by cells «foreign» DNA from the environment); transduction, the transfer of viruses, plasmids, MGE / mobile genetic elements /; transfer in the symbiotic etc. systems in the physical contact of cells; «Accidental» inclusion of foreign genes in the repair of DNA breaks, especially in violation of the integrity of the membrane; sexual process – the fusion of gametes + reduction division, crossing over (Марков, А.В, 2008). But this avtoconstruirovanie genome blocks, fragments, chains of nucleotides, gene technology designer LEGO.

It should be noted, that the simultaneous parallel sequential interdependent functioning of the mechanisms mentioned above leads to savings in assembly time living.

With the combination of the above mechanisms of living within the lifetime of the solar system, taking into account the environment may occur on the planet many times over.

The rate of chemical reactions and physical processes in the range n • 10-4-10-18 sec. (Келина, Н.Ю., Безручко, Н.В., 2006, c. 85; Ленинджер, А. 1974, c.178-195).

14 (14) 2014 Physics - 66 -

All this leads to the creation of various types protocells and cell types. In the future, with the help of symbiotic being deployed (evolution) of the living, which leads to an incredible variety of dynamically changing interdependent life on the planet. The principle of symbiosis is the basis of formation of information networks phylogenetic evolution of life.

Thus, the formation of secondary natural active matrix, the genetic code – a set of several natural physical, physico-chemical, biochemical and biological mechanisms.

These mechanisms, processes, reactions occur in parallel in series. The formation of particles, a variety of inorganic and organic chemicals, super particles, supra molecular associations mononucleotides formation kvantovovolnovoy proteinoids matrix (Schema 1) and digitizing her mononucleotides are informational space technology self-assembly of self-replicating biological dynamic systems. During the self-assembly of the nucleotide protein matrix prebiotic soup already had kvantovovolnovuyu organization. This is the transition line between the bone and alive. Here for the first time presented a «road map of self-assembly» of living matter through various mechanisms CEPNC.


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News of Science and Education 14 (14) 2014  - 67 -

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 14 (14) 2014 Physics - 68 -

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News of Science and Education 14 (14) 2014 

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