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Тема урока: «Shopping: The World of Money».
Основные задачи: 1. Развитие иноязычной коммуникативной компетенции средствами английского языка.

2. Pасширение объема знаний о социокультурной специфике страны изучаемого языка.

3. Совершенствование владения разными видами монолога и диалога.

4. Развитие умений обобщать и систематизировать знания по теме и делать сообщения.

5. Развитие умения переносить полученные знания в новую ситуацию.
Языковой материал: лексика по теме «Shopping: The World of Money».
Оснащение урока: ноутбук,

интерактивная доска,

мультимедийный проектор.


Т: Good morning to everybody. Nice to see you and our guests. The topic of our today’s lesson is «Shopping: The World of Money».

It's difficult to imagine our life without shops. Every day we do shopping to buy different things.
So, today we will speak about (схема на экране) money, types of shops and what we can buy in a shop. But first let’s check up how well you know the words on our topic.

Идет работа с интерактивной доской.

Т: What do we use to pay for things we buy?

P: Money.

Т: You are right. We pay with either coins or paper money. But thousands of years ago money was not used. Do you remember the history of money?

Идет краткий пересказ текста What Makes Money Valuable?

(презентация в Power Point)

T: Money has become one of the main things in our modern life. Some people live their lives to earn money. They work hard, trying to earn as much money as they can. And what about teenagers?

P: I know that in Britain teenagers are making ends meet by doing odd jobs, such as helping with the chores around the house, delivering newspapers and working weekends as sales assistants in shops.

T: Do you think it is a good idea for teenagers to earn pocket money?

P: Yes, I do. Pocket money gives teens many opportunities. For example teenagers go to the cinema or to the gym with their friends or buy different things.

T: Maybe you are right. And now listen to what five British teenagers think about the way they spend money, and match their names with the statements. There is one extra statement.

Учащиеся, слушая запись, заполняют полученные от учителя таблицы.


1. Josh

2. Walter

3. Jennifer

4. Victoria

5. Hannah

a) I turn to my parents for help.


b) I spend about 100 pounds on going out and buying CDs every month.

c) I would like to take the money management course at school.


d) It is difficult for me to live on the money I have.


e) I often buy things without thinking if I really need them.


f) I think lessons about money management at school could be useful only for young children.


Далее идет проверка данного задания.

На доске появляются правильные ответы,

и ученики проверяют работы друг друга.

T: And what do you spend your pocket money on?

Далее следуют краткие ответы учеников.

T: Without any doubt, shops are ideal places to spend our money. Modern shopping centres do their best to prove that shopping may be fun. A modern shopping centre often looks like a city under one roof with cinemas, cafes, travel agencies. There are thousands of things that you can buy in a modern shopping centre with various separate departments. Now let’s check up if you know where you can make some purchase.

^ Идет работа с интерактивной доской.

T: Buying or browsing , London’s shops are attractions in themselves. Oxford Street, Regent Street and Knightsbridge are all known for their stores. Now some pupils will speak about the most famous shops in London, the others will watch some videos and work with subtitles.

^ Далее отдельные учащиеся делают краткие сообщения

(презентация в Power Point), а две группы других учеников работают

с видео и накладывают субтитры ( программа Subtitle Edit).

T: And now let’s have a look at your videos!

^ Идет просмотр видео с субтитрами.
T: Well done! And now speak about your experience of shopping in Moscow or abroad. You may do the same in the form of a dialogue.

Учащиеся рассказывают о своем походе в магазин.
T: I am pleased with your work at the lesson and I’d like to thank you for it. I give excellent marks to …, good – to …, etc. At home you should write a short paragraph about your favourite shop. And now our lesson is over. See you later. Good bye!

Harrods is the most famous London’s department store. Harrods has about 230 departments, among them 16 food halls and 34 for fashion. The store runs a library, has a bank, sightseeing tours, and also a kennel for customers’ dogs. 40% of Harrods’ business is to foreign customers and there is a total of 50 000 customer a day.
Selfridges is one of the best places to visit in London for its stylish mix of fashion, furniture, food and beauty. Located in Oxford Street, Selfridges is the ultimate shopping experience and the destination for all the latest in the fashion. It was opened on March 15, 1909 and was designed from the beginning as a department store. Its founder Harry Gordon Selfridge boasted that he "made the store the third biggest attraction for sightseers in London," next to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.
Liberty located in Regent Street is the region's top shopping destination. It was first built in 1968 on land known as 'Liberty' There are over 100 top name shops, including a wide range of fashion, lifestyle retailers and independent names. The Liberty also hosts a variety of exciting events throughout the year.
Foyles is one of London's most famous bookshops, and has five floors crammed with every kind of book imaginable. The store has been on Charing Cross Road since 1906 and still stocks the UK's largest range of books. Shoppers can also relax in the cafe, listen to music in Ray's Jazz Café or visit the art gallery.
Sainsbury´s is one of the oldest shops with the most history in the city of London. It opened its first store in 1869 and, slowly, became one of the city´s most important supermarkets.

It is open 24 hours. This store is very important and has everything necessary to be able to go at any time and solve your problem. From food to games as well as clothes and technology. If your camera´s batteries have run out, Sainsbury´s will sort you out and, if you´re hungry when everything else is closed, this is definitely the place to go.

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